Pollyanna Bristol-Murphy

I have been researching families’ histories for over 12 years. What started as a hobby has now grown into a career. As a graduate in Economic History (BSc) from the LSE, it is the social history I have found especially fascinating. By using the archives to create a picture of people’s lives and their relationships, all set against the various political and economic climates gives a different, more personal perspective to the lives of our ancestors.

I regularly attend courses through Pharos, SOG and IHGS, continually adding depth to my knowledge and ability to research. The IHGS correspondence course in particular has proved invaluable to my understanding of genealogy and the immense wealth of information buried deep in the archives.

Recently I joined AGRA as an Associate, and this has created a fantastic network of fellow researchers, with whom I meet up regularly. I currently live in Somerset and research principally at Bath, Bristol, Somerset, Wiltshire and Gloucester archives. I also spend time in the National Archives and the London archives (Westminster and the LMA).

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